Silverfish…stay away!

Are you an avid book reader? Then, you must have tonnes of book collections that you love and must be constantly thinking of ways to keep your precious book collection in mint condition for years to come! Why not store your books with us in our climate controlled storage? We’ll keep it safely away from a book’s No.1 enemy, paper feasting Silverfish or also known as bookworms!

Prevent the book monster from devouring your books with these 3 easy steps.

1. Inspect your books before packing
Dust your books to check for insect eggs and air out your books. You wouldn’t want to pack your books with the eggs inside and when they hatch it would be a book fest in the box. Only for you to discover weeks later nibbles and holes in your books, leaving them beyond repair!

2. Pack it Right
Packing your books right will keep your books in pristine condition for a long period of time.

  • Always wrap your books with acid-free archival paper but be sure to avoid plastic bags as it traps moisture and causes condensation.
  • Use quality boxes, when storing! For short term storage, cardboard boxes will suffice. Purchase our double corrugated cardboard boxes here from our Box Shop. If you’re looking at long term storage, plastic crates will give you that added protection. Speak to our friendly customer service team about our Easycrates for hire at great prices!
  • Arrange them neatly in boxes. Don’t pack them too tight or too loose or the books might get damaged by the compression or bent when moving around in the box. Instead, use bubble wrap to fill the gaps!

3. Get a self storage unit!
Our Cube climate controlled storage unit is the best place to store all your books! We will keep your books safe from sunlight, dust and humidity by managing the temperature. UV rays from the sunlight can cause paper to yellow and ink to fade and humidity will attract mould or even worst paper munching silverfish!

Safeguard your precious book investments in our climate controlled storage unit today!​

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