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By Mamalaterre is an art workshop, established in 2013, creating watercolor painting, hand-carved stamps, hand printing, fabric printing, calligraphy, and embroidery. They also provide art teaching courses, such as watercolor class for adults, organizing fabric stamping workshops, etc. The unique art style combined with Hong Kong elements is lifelike and loved by Hong Kong people.

Roong Suchinunkul, the founder, is from Thailand. A former architect with her own studio, she left her 14-year architect career in order to “switch careers” and become a full-time mother. Later, she and her family moved to Hong Kong for her husband’s work.

The Memory of Mother and Daughter

Roong and her daughter, Laterre

Roong wanted to create more interesting childhood memories for her daughter. “Art was my answer,” she says. She has a special interest in handicraft art, and her daughter, who also loves art, became her first student. Since her daughter was two years old, they created various crafts and drawings together, they immerse in the art world almost every day. She posts the artwork on her personal social media to share their joys.

Gradually, their artworks gained attention. Friends invited her to be their children’s art mentor. So, in 2013, Roong decided to set up a social media page “By Mamalaterre” which offers stamp making and art teaching. The name of the workshop By Mamalaterre is interesting! “Laterre” is her daughter’s name, and By Mamalaterre means “Laterre’s mother,” which contains the interests and memories of mother and daughter.

Watercolor Enriches Her Life

After many attempts and explorations, Roong finally found her satisfaction in watercolor paintings. In addition to her own love for watercolor painting, she also found that many people were interested in watercolor painting, which indirectly strengthened her confidence in opening classes. In this way, this love for watercolors has allowed her to persist until now, even allowing her to create her own products.

By Mamalaterre’s watercolor painting class

Over the past 8 years, Roong made many adjustments in her business operations. She started from stamp carving and teaching arts for kids, then teaching watercolor to adults and organizing fabric stamping workshops. In these 3 years, she also created her own products. Products with her watercolor painting designs are so innovative and unique, such as aprons, face masks, tea towels, tote bags and other textiles. Good responses from the customers gave her great encouragement to continue doing her business.

Life is an artist’s inspiration. Roong records her life with her paintings. The Hong Kong buildings, food and transportation become her inspirations in her paintings. She also likes unique and eye-catching Oriental styles. As a result, we can often feel the Hong Kong culture shown in her artworks, such as Chinese teapots, porcelain, Dim Sum, etc.

Image source: By Mamalaterre

Step by Step, The Journey of Growth

Roong cherishes every journey of her business. ” There are a lot of things in my business journey that I remember,” she said. Every art teaching with her daughter, the first order received, being hired by a big company, the first art fair, and so on, all of which left a deep impression on her. Perhaps it was this love that enabled her to make By Mamalaterre a success, step by step, against all odds.

Image source: By Mamalaterre

In the early days of a start-up, Roong’s biggest challenge was that she had no marketing experience. She didn’t know how to get her artwork seen by as many people as possible. However, with an optimistic attitude, she is willing to slow down, enjoy learning and turn problems into motivation. With the help and promotion of customers, the popularity of her works has gradually increased. She is very grateful to her friends for their help. In addition, her family’s support is an important pillar for her. Her husband helped her set up a website and manage online sales, which saves Roong a lot of effort.


While By Mamalaterre was getting better, art appliances and products from work began to take over Roong’s living space. As a result, she realized that she needed extra space to store more products and art supplies. She rents storage space in Cube Self Storage, which saves her a lot of home space. Moreover, the 24/7 climate controlled allows her art supplies to be stored safely, avoiding art materials deterioration and damage, which makes her feel much more at ease.

Image source: By Mamalaterre

Everyone have their own story behind the business, and the love and persistence of their products is the key to success! The masterpieces are all made by Roong, they are full of her painstaking efforts, just like her “own child”. Her biggest wish is that no matter where she is, she can continue to paint, so that people around the world can appreciate her artwork.

To know more details about By Mamalaterre or to purchase Roong’s products, kindly visit By Mamalaterre websitesFacebook or Instagram.

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