Greater Bay Media Entertainment – A “Covid-responsible” Entertainment Provider

Greater Bay Media Entertainment – A “Covid-responsible” Entertainment Provider

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Many entertainment activities have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To avoid crowded gatherings, entertainment activities such as karaoke, concerts, cinemas, nightclubs, award ceremonies, etc., cannot be carried out as usual, which undoubtedly challenged the entertainment industry. However, we have to believe that we can turn things around if we don’t give up.
The Customer Story that shared with you this time is the successful example of Greater Bay Media Entertainment (GBME), which survived the epidemic.

Simon Wilson, founder and Managing Director of Greater Bay Media Entertainment (GBME). He was born in Dublin, Ireland, currently based in Hong Kong. He has been involved in the inception, development, and deployment of world-class events in different regions, and is used to working with MasterChef, Top Gear, and other brands. GBME is an award-winning entertainment production company dedicated to providing an exciting, pioneering, and timely media and entertainment experiences platform for the Greater Bay Area and beyond.


Space to Play, Room to Breathe
” When the pandemic pummelled the entertainment industry, we knew the market was hungry for an outlet. Meanwhile, our partners grew eager to reach consumers.
As others hunkered down, we leveraged the full capabilities of our network to launch a COVID-responsible entertainment offering ” Simon said.

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What does ” COVID-responsible entertainment” mean? GBME’s entertainment includes The Lawn Club, The Grounds, and Summer at The Wheel. They provide the atmosphere of a large-scale event and the security and intimacy of a private gathering and create a good place for both epidemic prevention and having fun.
The Grounds separate the open meadow into more than 100 elegant and comfortable private pods, 1.5 meters apart each pod. The Grounds also features giant LED screens, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a high-tech stage for optimal visual and auditory entertainment. Under the premise of safety and hygiene, GBME carries out daily activities that cannot be experienced during the epidemic, such as watching movies, doing yoga, enjoying stage performances, and listening to music outdoors.
There are great venues and facilities, as well as great food and hospitality. With Simon’s roots in hospitality experiences, he also creates The Lawn Club to arrange the food, games, and live performances, such as DJs and live bands. To reduce close contact and maintain environmental hygiene, The Lawn Club also adopted a contactless ordering method and carried out regular and comprehensive disinfection to meet epidemic prevention standards. In addition, Summer on the Wheel is perfect for family entertainment, including carnival games, prizes, street performers, and quirky social media selfie installations.
These innovative and flexible entertainment “products” make GBME special and allow them to continue their activities despite the severe epidemic.

Connecting Brands and Communities through Entertainment
“We create memorable and engaging experiences for consumers. We aim to develop repeatable and scalable event brands, starting in our home market of Hong Kong, to expand into new markets. Our recent successes include The Grounds and The Lawn Club.”

Working with brands as partners, GMBE is committed to developing various activities for its clients. The mission of GMBE is to create the highest level of interaction between the brand and the community, both conceptually and in the execution of decisions, and to make these brands leave extraordinary value in the minds of consumers through events and activities.
GMBE also provides a channel for event planners and media creators to work with brands and sponsors in and outside Hong Kong. GMBE acts as a middleman, providing value to both parties. GMBE has become an important role between initial promotion and sponsored sales and later account management and partnership.

Cooperation with Cube Self Storage
Cube Self Storage is a solutions-orientated business – we had an unusual storage requirement at short notice and in challenging circumstances and the Cube team took the time to understand our needs, assess possible solutions, and then provided seamless customer-focused service to ensure we got our kit out of harm’s way and into safe climate-controlled storage. What was a short-term fix has now become a long-term solution for us. Cube has become a great partner, they understand our business needs and help solve our storage problems – we highly recommend their service”

As Simon said, Cube Self Storage will understand customers’ needs such as storage period, type of goods, budget, and location, before formulating appropriate storage solutions. In addition, our storage is equipped with a 24/7 climate-controlled, CCTV, and door card access system to ensure storage safety.

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To learn more about GBME, please visit their website.



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