LEDARTIST — Dare to be Original, Strive to be Technologically Advanced

New Media Arts, also known as Technology Arts, is a contemporary product. The combination of technology and art gives us a whole new perspective of art. This time our Customer Story is about a contemporary artist, Mr. Teddy Lo, who developed LEDARTIST, who utilises LED as an art form.

Teddy is an art lover, and he got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising Design from the Art Center College of Design in California. Later, he finished a master’s degree in Lighting from The Queensland University of Technology. Unlike other artists, Teddy likes to use LED lights as creative tools. His works include light painting and sculptures, new media art installation.

Teddy was working on lighting design projects back in 2003 in New York. But because he wanted to develop the Hong Kong market and to spend more time with his family in Hong Kong, he decided to return to Asia in 2006 to set up a studio, LEDARTIST, an LED experience design studio.


LED Lighting Design Creation & Entrepreneurship


During his studies, Teddy visited a lighting factory and had inspired him to explore LEDs as an artistic medium. After graduation, Teddy went to work in an advertising agency in New York City, and at the same time he continued his artistic journey. Later, he held his first art exhibition at the Arturo Dimodica Gallery in New York City, and since then, he began working on lighting design projects.

LED lights are extremely common household items, but as creative tools, they were still very rare in Hong Kong back in 2006. Teddy, who decided to open an LED lighting design company, was even more difficult. Teddy said that in the early 2000s, Hong Kong people did not have a high understanding of LED lighting design, and their acceptance was not as good as the western countries. Therefore, in order to maintain the company’s operations, he needed to take on many commercial projects to keep the P&L and cash flow sustainable, and at the same time brought more experimental and pro-bono art projects for the community.


Aesthetics and Perspective


There are many things to worry about when starting a business. In addition to maintaining the company’s operations, it must also master new technological trends and maintain bold and innovative concepts and attitudes. Teddy’s design combines his own design philosophy and interactive technology and uses multi-disciplinary principles to make the work both technological and artistic. How to use appropriate technology within a limited budget to create original and unique works? This is the direction that Teddy is exploring and thinking about every day. From that, we can see he has a creative desire for innovation and change.

“I think what defines our difference from other design firms is the aesthetics and perspective in solving each design problem from an artistic angle,” Teddy said.

Every job, every creation, is Teddy’s experience. When we mentioned the most memorable experience, he must think of the touching moment of Gon Kirin. Gon Kirin is an artwork inspired by the Light Dragon in his collaboration with artist Ryan Doyle in Oakland and Detroit, USA. It was the first time that the dragon was displayed at the Burningman Festival in Nevada. People who saw the artwork found this amazed and unbelievable. The amazing reaction from everyone gave Teddy great confidence, which provided him with unlimited motivation and proved his strength as well.

Good Tools to Master a Job


To create good works, you must have good tools and materials. Therefore, Teddy wants a safe, convenient and temperature-controlled storage to store and protect his tools, and finally he found Cube Storage Solution. Since Cube Storage Solution provides professional and considerate storage service, and the mini storage is equipped with 24-hour temperature-controlled system and CCTVs etc., so he is totally satisfied. He said, “The staff here are very attentive and professional, which is appreciated.”

Over the years, Teddy had participated in various international art exhibitions and large-scale lighting projects around the world, such as the Luminale in Frankfurt, Museum of Art and Design in New York City, Hong Kong Museum of Art, etc., and even was invited to The Shanghai Tower to create commission work, and to the new World Trade Center in New York City to create the digital media infrastructure design. Years of creation and practical experience have made him famous in the art world, and life is the source of his creation. He gets his inspiration from reading, meditation, and travel, and the time between late night is his most creative hours.

As an LED artist, what are the prerequisites? Teddy replied, “dare to be original and strive to be technologically advanced.” Continuous learning, being experimental and being innovative have allowed Teddy to accumulate a lot of experience and have also increased his popularity. Although artistic entrepreneurship is difficult, as long as you uphold your personal beliefs and hard work, you will succeed eventually. Now, at this difficult time of the pandemic, Teddy’s greatest hope is to be able to execute 3 major projects a year, and our project can have a CAGR of 15-25% in the coming years.

To learn more about Teddy or LEDARTIST, please visit the website.

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