Sanitizer Spray /khar ‘ mun/ – Small Ideas Makes a Big Difference

This month, we talked to Carmen from / khar ‘ mun /, who has been with Cube Self Storage since early this year.

/ khar ‘ mun / is a local lifestyle brand based in Malaysia, aiming to create affordable living peaces (pieces) that help ease the pressure of reality.

“We have started the business on the 2nd of June 2021 by launching “souspray” sanitizer spray. It is a non-alcohol scented pocket-sized sanitizer, which we made as our first product.” Carmen said.

Image source: Souspray

Tell us about yourself

“I am Carmen, founder of / khar ‘ mun /, I simply just transformed my name into the pronunciation form for the brand name. Pretty straightforward you can tell. I have graduated as a fashion designer, currently I am working as an Area-Lead Visual Merchandiser in a global sportswear company. I am also working as a freelance designer.” she explained.

What inspired / khar ‘ mun / to be established?

“As a designer, I always have this idea to create something, especially something that you see and use everyday in your life. I feel as people grow up – the more pressure they get from society or from the background that they came from.” she added.

“I find that one space that people spend the most time in – takes a very important role in affecting one’s mental health, so that’s where the thought of creating cute and relaxing living pieces comes from.”

She continued “As for where the idea of the pocket-sized sanitiser “souspray” came from, I have always been looking for some nice sanitisers. Not only in terms of the packaging but also in terms of the texture and the experience.”

“I failed to find one, you either have to choose the ones that are packaged nicely but comes with an unpleasant formulation (like alcohol) or something that’s pretty good in terms of ingredients but has a not-so-attractive packaging. So I just thought, why can’t I have a sanitizer that comes in a nice packaging and also sanitises without harmful ingredients?” she asserted.

“Then, I did a lot of research and made a couple of calls, did the design of the bottle and the whole packaging. And then, there we have it, “souspray” was launched. And I am so glad that people liked it!” she exclaimed.

Do share with us how “souspray” has been received by the customers so far

“Well, we just launched “souspray”. So, we don’t have stories yet that we could share. But, we have been receiving a lot of compliments from our customers about the design of bottle and how safe they feel with “souspray”, as it’s non-irritating and non-drying.” she stated.

“Surprisingly, many of our customers will reach out to us to give us an update of the parcel receival and give us nice comments and feedback without us even asking. Some customers get so excited when they received their “souspray”, and we definitely feel the same excitement as they do. As a brand that was just recently launched, all those comments and reactions really mean a lot to us, it means we have done something right.” she declared.

Any advice for young people who want to establish their own business?

“I am considered young, too!” she laughed.

“Well, my advice is – just be clear with what you want to create and what you want to provide. Then, make sure you stick to it and don’t ever confuse the consumer or yourself. Don’t always think about how much money you want to earn.” she proclaimed.

She continued, “Always link back to your personality and your own strength. Because a brand without vision or personality that is only there to take money from people – can’t buy anyone’s heart. And don’t think too much! You’ve done the thinking, you did your research. Once you laid out a solid plan, that means you have it figured out. Most importantly, if you feel right about it, just go for it!”

What was it that led you to come to Cube Self Storage for a storage solution?

“Well, I started up small. That means, I don’t want to have too many extra costs as in expenses for a studio or to rent an office yet at this point in the business. So, when I was looking for a small storage space to rent, Cube Self Storage was just right for me and it helped solve my storage issues. “It is storage space that is convenient, accessible, clean and helps me keep my costs low. It is a very practical option for small business owners like me!” Carmen said.

What was your storage requirement, and how is your experience with Cube’s services so far?

“I only need space to store my stocks. I do not need to work inside of the space so I just contacted Cube Self Storage to explain my requirements and also let you know what are the items I’m storing and how many. You provided me with a few options of storage sizes and briefed me through all the terms and conditions to help me understand better. So far, it has been very helpful and I really appreciate it!” Carmen ended.

Tell us how people out there can find “souspray

Interested buyers can find “souspray” on instagram @_kharmun, and also find “souspray” by typing the name on Shopee.

Image source: Souspray

We hope that the story of Carmen or  / khar ‘ mun / has inspired readers out there that wants to create something beneficial and inspiring. If you have an idea, go for it! As Carmen would say. Thinking is already halfway there. With good intentions, you will go far. Go forth and inspire!






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