Success story of Shinji, the One-Man-Wonder of Insight Touch Sdn. Bhd.

I bet we often wonder, how do we start a business and to possibly run it alone? How will things work out? Visions of the worst-case scenario run through your mind vividly and that fear is what stops you from achieving greatness.

As we cruise through the third decade in the new millenia, we have heard many success stories of small companies run by less than five team members – who have prospered and climbed the ladders of prestige more successfully than older, bigger companies.


How do they do it?


This month, let us dive into the success story of Shinji, the One-Man-Wonder who runs Insight Touch Sdn. Bhd.

Well, what does Insight Touch do?

“Insight Touch specializes in building smart home systems and smart office systems. We provide these services for both residential and commercial use.” Shinji explained.

“Insight Touch was established in 2017. Then, in 2019, one of my directors decided to resign. Shortly afterwards, all of Insight Touch’s permanent team was taken over by my ex-partner, leaving only me.” he continued.

“This in turn, was the reason why since 2019 until today, Insight Touch only has me – alone, without any worker and team. Other than our subcontractors, of course.” he said.

“Despite this turn of events, Insight Touch’s turnover has been increasing year on year!  So, it makes me very proud that even my competitors got curious as to why this company remains sustained without any sales team and marketing team. We also did not do any advertisement on Facebook or any other social network sites.” Shinji happily told us.

About Shinji and Insight Touch Sdn. Bhd.

“I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Artificial Intelligence was still relatively new in Malaysia back in 2015 yet it shows a promising trend. The future AI now, so in my mind all I could think about was to develop and incorporate a company that does exactly that. Hence, the birth of Insight Touch Sdn. Bhd.” Shinji explained.

For our readers out there, Smart Home System and Smart Office System is trending now, making life easy and convenient to control your home or office through your fingertips. Everything is controlled by a smartphone. Our system supports both iOS and Android devices.

What Is Design Smart Scenario System for Users And Why Is It Exciting?

“After installing our smart system, all electronic appliances can be pre-set to help the scenarios below;


If there is a gas leak in the kitchen, the gas guard will immediately notify the owner and automatically close the gas valve to avoid causing an accident.

If there is a fire in the house, the smoke detector will notify the owner in time, and the owner can notify the property management to assist in handling the hazard in time.

If there is water leakage, the leak detector will inform the owner in time, and at the same time, it will automatically link the device to close the water valve.

With smart home systems, users are able to configure multiple smart speakers, achieving multi-room connection, smart voice control over TV, air conditioners, lights and other infrared devices at the same time.

You can also achieve smart control across the room. For example; Parents can control the devices in their children’s room from his/her own room. This allows easy supervision of their children to develop good habits with their electronics.” Shinji explained further.

So Far, Between Commercial And Residential Use Clients You Have, Who Has Benefited From Your Services The Most?

“Our clients are mostly from private residences. We are able to get these clients through referrals that we got from our interior design company and our main contractors.” he said.

How Has The Company Faced Through The Pandemic And How Was The Business Back Then Versus Now?

“Since last year’s April, I have applied our smart home systems to disinfection machines and sold them in the market to sustain the company’s income. After coming back to work early September this year, our previous pending jobs resumed back to normal and that in turn has increased our sales numbers, too.” he told us.

The Challenges

Shinji told us that so far, the hardest challenge he’s had to face is to maintain all the business referral’s customers and keeping them happy. This is very important as they are mainly referrals from the Interior Design company and some of them they got from contractor companies that he deals with on a daily basis.

Must be tough handling all the different peers alone! But this did not demotivate Shinji in the slightest.

“I find that this business is exciting. I learn every day and continue to do so with designing smart scenario systems for users.” he exclaimed.

What Was The Situation/Issue You Were Facing That Led You To Come To Cube Self Storage For A Storage Solution?

“We needed a storage space where we are able to store our smart device goods instead of keeping them stored in the office or warehouse because our product is small and light,” he explained.

He continued, “Cube Self Storage is the one storage company that I found that comes with air-conditioning, this was the deciding factor. Plus, Cube Self Storage provides very good service and is very helpful especially during the pandemic.”

We’re glad that we are able to contribute our part in easing things for our customers during hard times!

Tell Us How The Public Can Find Out More About the Company?

Insight Touch is not on any online platform. Readers interested in engaging with our business can reach me on WhatsApp at 6012-305 3200. You may also visit the website of our sister company, “Grante” at

We hope that Shinji’s story inspires you to keep on persevering. We would also like to remind our readers out there that when one door closes, another one opens. Never give up on your hopes and dreams no matter what life throws your way. Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!






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