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Self storage, also referred to as self-service storage or mini storage, is a facility that offers storage space for tenants. The storage area can be a container, room, locker, storage box, or outdoor space. Customers often prefer month-to-month contracts over longer-term leases. They have exclusive access to the storage space and how the belongings are arranged and organised inside the self storage unit.

The History of the Self Storage

It is widely believed that storage units originated in ancient China. However, the first modern self storage facilities (where the tenant is the only one who can access their storage space) were not recorded until the late 1960s. The first self storage facility was opened in Texas, United States in 1964. 55 years later, there were approximately 47,863 self storage facilities in America. The service gradually expanded to Asia – with Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia being the biggest self storage markets in the region.

Who Often Uses This Service - And What For?

Self storage services can be used for both personal (E.g. to store household goods and furniture) and commercial reasons (E.g. to archive documents, stock and excess inventory). It’s a common jurisdiction in all countries to prohibit the tenant using the storage space as residence.

What Is Self Storage - Storage Facility

The major reasons for renting storage units are the “4Ds of life” – death, divorce, delimitation, and discombobulation. Other reasons can be:

What Is Self Storage - 4Ds of Life
  • Businesses finding extra space for stock, inventory, files, records and documents
  • Business downsize or expansion
  • Individuals having a home renovation, refurbishment, relocation or removal
  • Relocate for job
  • Migration to a foreign country
  • Travel frequently without a fixed place for their belongings
  • Families with newborns
  • Individuals experiencing a shift in their relationship – such as moving in, breaking up and moving out, or having a divorce
  • Families finding space to store mementos, souvenirs or belongings of a deceased loved ones
  • Personal collections such as comic books, wine, stamps, etc.

Is Self Storage A Booming Industry?

In large cities and metropolises, the lack of space is mainly caused by the exponential increase in population and unbelievably high housing prices. This proposes a problem for individuals, families, e-Commerce, startups, SMEs, online businesses and local vendors to find a secure storage space for their belongings and items. In addition, during the 2-year-reign of COVID-19, the number of office space reductions and individual relocations were enormous, further fueling the demand for self storage. Recently, the industry has been expanding at an unprecedented rate.

Another reason why more and more people are using this service is due to its convenience and security. In a warehouse, staff can access the renter’s storage unit and manage their items. In contrast, self storage units are private and can only be accessed with the renter’s personal lock and key. The restricted access gives clients peace of mind that their items and belongings are safe and secure. Locks and keys, boxes, plastic crates and packaging supplies can be sold by the storage facility to ease the client’s moving in and out process. It also provides extra security to their belongings. Some providers offer both storage and relocation services to make the whole process easy and stress-free for the buyers. Free pickup and delivery is a widely-applied promotion for new customers.

With cost-effective pricing, simple procedure, flexible rental terms and numerous storage sizes bespoke to the customer’s requirements, the self storage industry is growing steadily, serving as an extension to individuals, families and businesses’ storage space.

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Why Cube Self Storage Is A Smart Choice

Leveraged by over 25 years of industry experience in the United Kingdom and Asian countries, Cube Self Storage has helped thousands of individuals and businesses cut costs and do more with their limited space. Cube’s expertise and flexible space solutions guarantee a more optimal way to operate and reorganise life – completely hassle-free! We are now available in the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam.

World-class Standard

  • Warehouse and storage system adherent to international standards
  • 24/7 Climate-controlled and humidity-controlled system
  • 24/7 Security cameras to ensure the safety of belongings
  • Smoke alarm system and a standard fire protection system  that meet the approved specifications and standards set by the governing authority.
What Is Self Storage - Cube Self Storage

Modern, clean and well-ventilated. To uphold the highest hygienic and sanitary standards, our facility is cleaned and sanitised on a weekly basis.

Flexible rental period. Cube Self Storage offers flexible rental terms, so customers can choose how long they need to rent a unit for.

Bespoke & flexible storage space. Upgrade or downgrade size  according to the quantity of goods at different times.

A wide range of storage solutions. To meet a wide variety of requirements: Managed Storage (Warehouse), Self Storage, Storage & Workspace Solutions.

Strategic location connecting districts 5, 6, 7, 10, Binh Chanh, Tan Binh, Tan Phu, and Binh Tan. Convenient for loading and unloading stuff.

Dedicated customer service and consulting staff in ensuring customer satisfaction. We are always ready to welcome visiting guests from Monday to Saturday (8 am to 5 pm) and Sunday (8 am to 12 pm).

For more information about our storage services, latest offers and promotions, or to book a schedule to visit our storage facility, please contact Cube Self Storage.

Address: 407A Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline | Customer Service | Zalo | WhatsApp: 0834 400 185

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